The moment a client clicks for assigning an order to us, his/her personal info’s privacy is our job to take care of. This privacy policy section is fashioned to bring into knowledge of our dear clients that how we do it; the ways their information is kept safeguarded from being abused by a third party.

Your transaction payment information is processed in encrypted form which is loaded to a secure server automatically. So even the employees have no access to it, making it a 100% risk free channel. Once the order process is concluded, the info is discarded safely.

The info you enter while ordering is strictly for order processing and delivery purposes. However, after delivery we do use your email address to keep you update on exciting discounts and other offers that we introduce from time to time. A testimonial request is also sent, which again is completely optional for the client to accept or reject like the other package offers.

In case you are done with your academic life or due to any reason do not need further academic help then after delivery ‘no contact’possibility is attainable for you always. If you go for the no contact option then all your details along with your email address is securely erased from our file. In either case contact or no contact, the information remains 100% sheltered and under no circumstances dispensed to a third party.

We use cookies which are small files employed to record user traffic, IP address of yours, your visit duration on our website and frequently navigated pages. This helps us to make our website layout improvements. You nonetheless have the authority not to use cookies but that will restrict you from viewing the entire content on our site.

We have supplementary links on our website for our clients to benefit from. But then again, these are completely separate corporations having their own terms of service and privacy strategies. So it is highly recommended to go through their policies and work terms before investing in their services. We are not accountable for any of their course of action.

We continually are striving to make better than the best academic firm for our clients so we reserve rights to frequently alter and modify our policies with or without a prior notice. It is preferable for you to navigate our policies once in a while to stay informed and prevent any misapprehensions in the future.

Disclaimer: The services provided are meant to assist the buyer by providing a guideline and the product provided is intended to be used for research or study purposes.