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In the beginning of an academic term or a course where you expect lots of writing, initially there is spare time to work on a lot of basic things, one of them includes taking up short writing assignments on a number of different topics, instead of directly jumping on to one long assignment, which in the end becomes a tough task to encounter. These short assignments can include adhoc reports, spontaneous essay writing or informal piece of writing that can benefit the students into learning grammar, getting into the flow of writing and identifying areas of improvements, in return these brief assignments could also benefit the instructor as it can identify the capacity of students in an effective  way.

 Quality assignment  writers usually follow the same approach as mentioned above, students can also keep the following things in mind in order to write and plan effective assignments:

-          Clarity of the task: Short assignments help you understand how to focus on the task and topic at hand. Long assignments can sometimes distract students away from the topic, so it is essential to know how to keep the content on track.

-          Use authentic resources: When you plan to sit and do your research before starting the work, always use authentic resources and websites to read upon, using weak research links will cause you to have wrong or vague information about a lot of topics.

-          For teachers it is important to have an instruction paper to make students understand their expectations from the task given and the areas to focus on.

-          Teachers also need to make students realize the aim of the project or task given, sometimes students lack motivation to do an assignment because they do not know what they are trying to achieve.

-          Be Expressive: Short assignments help you become expressive as they ask you to provide an opinion in just a few words, it is very important to highlight your own expressions and opinions about the topic based on the research. There is nothing wrong or right about being expressive and voice your points, it shows that you have understood the topic and have your own perception and context of it.

-          Effective assignments always have an understanding of the audience; students should learn how to analyze their readers before writing anything.

Following the given tips can help students and teachers both plan out and write effectively rather than just going through with assignments and papers for the sake of finishing the term.

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