Introduction to Management Development Effectiveness And The Virtuous Learning Cycle

Introduction to Management Development Effectiveness And The Virtuous Learning Cycle


Management development is termed as a continuous learning approach in which managers learn and engross new skills which contributes to the improvement in the overall organizational performance. There exist both formal and informal learning processes and wide array of training courses which deliver competencies, leadership skills, and knowledge and further improves management capabilities.

Management Development Effectiveness:

There are diverse learning processes and managers response to them in a different manner. Furthermore they engross unique experience from formal learning process. The research stated that managerial effectiveness can be enhanced through diverse learning process and highlighted three key aspects as follows:

Effective managerial behavioral is conditional and dependent upon organizational scenario. A particular managerial behavior might be ineffective or less effective in one organization and it might reflect outclass results in other organization. Hence management development is highly associated with appropriate explanation of effectiveness for a specific organization so that mangers can perform effectively in specific milieu of work.

Managerial development assists managers to attain desired results and endow with guidelines and edifies about actions in order to accomplish those results. Although there exist generalized theories and principles but it raises different problems in conveying of learning practices. Therefore it is essential to opt for real time scenarios and persisting organizational issues so that specific solutions can be achieved with the help of appropriate actions. One important fact reveals that if good behavior is not rewarded then it will not be repeated readily.

Moreover top management needs to identify apposite and suitable learning process which can further increase efficacy of managers.

Learning Process:

The virtuous learning cycle comprises of the following steps:

. It needs to clearly focus on the development of employees

. All the way through development process employees gain proficiency and knowledge about relevant activities to perform

. Gaining expertise across relevant activities result into instant and immediate applications

. Moreover applications are rewarded on continuous basis


Managerial development must understand individual manager’s requirements so that actions can be successfully implemented. Moreover management development aimed at improving individual behavior. Nevertheless manager’s response to learning processes in different manner hence effectiveness of management development is subject to organizational requirements in accordance with learning and development context.

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